Call for submissions: Rattle

#45 – Fall 2014 – Poets of Faith

Poetry: This issue will be dedicated to Poets of Faith. The poems may be any style or length, but must be written by someone for whom religious faith is a central aspect of their writing and their lives, with a special emphasis on members of the clergy. Please explain how this applies to you. The poems should also relate to faith in some way, even if only subtly. This is a self-selecting theme; we won’t be vetting anyone’s religious credentials, but each contributor will be labeled as a Poet of Faith and will have to explain that faith in the contributor notes.

Essays: We’d like to publish a few personal narrative essays about the relationship between religious faith and poetry. Our preference is always an engaging, non-academic essay, which focuses on some aspect of the theme. Please query with any questions. Essays can be any length, and it’s fine to send both poems and an essay at the same time.

Artwork: We still need cover and internal art for this issue. Photography, paintings, or collages relating to the theme will all be considered. Submissions are accepted as lo-res email attachments (jpegs preferred), or by mail on a CD. Production will require hi-res images (300dpi @ 9.25″ x 6.125″).

Deadline: April 15, 2014


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