Call for submissions: Unfettered

Long before the written word, there was illustration. The cave paintings in Lascaux (France) are over 17,000 years old, but even those majestic works are mere tykes when compared with the stunning 40,000 year old Indigenous paintings of giant emu-like birds in Arnhem Land.

Quibble over whether these works are ‘illustration’ or ‘art’ if you will, but they inspired stories long before alphabets were formed and stories were written down.

Unfettered draws on this long and wonderful tradition, using illustration to both suggest and inspire stories. What stories are told is up to you.

Take a good look at the 10 fabulous Unfettered illustrations by Terry Whidborne, then choose one you’d like to use as a prompt or otherwise as part of your story.

Illustrations and submission information can be found at

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