Clarion West Application Deadline

Clarion West’s 2014 Six-Week Workshop will be held June 22 through August 1 in Seattle, Washington. Instructors are Paul Park, Kij Johnson, Ian McDonald, Hiromi Goto, Charlie Jane Anders, and John Crowley. For more information on the Six-Week Workshop visit the Workshop page.

They’re accepting applications now through March 1, 2014. You’ll find instructions on the Application page.

The mission of Clarion West is to provide a high quality educational opportunity for writers of speculative fiction at the start of their careers.

The Clarion West Writers Workshop has been held continuously in Seattle, Washington since 1984, with three earlier sessions here in 1971, 1972, and 1973. It was modeled after the original Clarion Workshop held in Clarion, Pennsylvania, which in turn was modeled on the Milford Writers Workshop.

With the help of many dedicated volunteers and a core of committed professional staff, the Clarion West Writers Workshop has produced some of science fiction and fantasy’s top writers and editors, including Gordon Van Gelder, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Andy Duncan, Justina Robson, Ben Rosenbaum, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Mary Rosenblum, Kathryn Cramer, David Marusek, Sheree R. Thomas, David Levine, Andrea Hairston, and many others.


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