Call for Submissions: World Weaver Press

Starting July 1, 2014, Rhonda Parrish will be reading for Corvidae and Scarecrow, two new anthologies in the same series as Fae (forthcoming). Like Fae (to be released June 2014) each of these new anthologies focuses on a single creature (we use the term loosely with “scarecrow”) treated in many varied and enthralling ways by new speculative fiction short stories.

The twin anthologies also present a unique opportunity: to create a conversation between the two volumes, between the crows and the scarecrows, between the bird tales of Corvidae and the straw-man tales of Scarecrow. And so we would like some overlap between the authors included in each title. Thus we encourage writers to submit to both anthologies. Please do not submit the same story to both books (if the anthologist believes a story is more appropriate for one than the other she will let you know).

The reading period will be July 1-October 31, 2014 — hopefully allowing plenty of time to write new stories and pick up a copy of Fae.

For more information, visit:

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