Call for submissions: Cordite

Published four times a year (and with various special issues in addition), Cordite Poetry Review is dedicated to showing off new and established Australian poets to the world. The journal posits the immortal phrase ‘words are bullets’ by promoting irreverent and experimental poetics.

Cordite features a guest poetry editor for each issue. The theme for this issue is “constraint.” Per the site, “Discussions of constraint in poetic history often pertain to medium, frequently the page, events in poetic history articulating medium as a fundamental constraint. ‘[L]e vide papier que la blancheur defend’, ‘the white / Paper which the void leaves undefiled’, from Stéphane Mallarmé’s ‘Brise Marine’ (‘Sea Breeze’), is one of many examples of Mallarme’s rarefications of the white page. John Cage’s conceptualism is similarly rudimentary, and situates the constraint of artistic experiment as interlocutor of the unforeseeable: ‘An experimental action is one the outcome of which is not foreseen.’ Is poetry’s key constraint the page? Or chance? Is it the concept, the idea? Or is it the physical? Ecological? Spiritual? Political? Circumstantial?”

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