FLASH MASTERS Flash Fiction Contest

The Grey Matter Press FLASH MASTERS Flash Fiction Contest seeks to celebrate and award the exceptional creativity of both current and up-and-coming authors of dark fiction. FLASH MASTERS allows you to share your talent for short, concise storytelling with the horror-loving community. FLASH MASTERS will be held monthly during the last week of the month right here at the Grey Matter Press website, and winners will receive prizes from Grey Matter Press. Each month a FLASH MASTERS Flash Fiction prompt will be provided to inspire your creativity. While the prompts will change month-to-month, there will always be one consistent element in FLASH MASTERS. And that will be that at least one participant will win.

WORD COUNT: 200 (no more, no less).
INCLUDE A TITLE for your story. (TITLE DOES NOT COUNT against/for/as your word count.)
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 12:00 PM (Noon CST) Thursday, June 26, 2014.

For more information, visit: http://greymatterpress.com/flash-masters-flash-fiction-from-grey-matter-press-june-2014/


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