Miffecito Master Classes

The Art Of Curation with Thom Powers

Do you have a passion for connecting great films to audiences? Learn the secrets of the trade from internationally renowned film curator Thom Powers. He’ll conduct a comprehensive three-hour seminar on the art of curation as part of MIFFecito. In this Master Class, from noon to 3 pm, Powers will give insights and take questions. He’ll speak to many forms of curation – from sharing your favorite films on social media to running a local film club to working at major festivals. Whether you’d like to pursue curation as a career, a hobby, or are just curious to peak behind the scenes, don’t miss this opportunity.

Saturday, October 18 at noon

A Conversation with Moisés Kaufman & The Laramie Project Retrospective Screening

Join visionary playwright and director Moisés Kaufman for a screening and conversation about the issues of his landmark film The Laramie Project, produced in 2002 for HBO. Just one week after the 16th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder on October 12, 1998, The Laramie Project screening and conversation invites us to examine what progress has been made since the shocking hate crime in rural Wyoming. At home, the national Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act has been on the books not even five years, and enforcement, when necessary, has been swift and decisive. Yet what are we to think of the news from Russia and Africa in regards to legislated anti-gay hate? How do we engage? The techniques and lessons from The Laramie Project provide fresh teachings in an ongoing war against intolerance and discrimination.

Sunday, October 19th at 3:00pm

For more information, visit: http://www.miamiff-tickets.com/films/master-class-art-curation-thom-powers-thompowers/ and http://www.miamiff-tickets.com/films/a-conversation-with-moises-kaufman-the-laramie-project-retrospective-screening/

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