Call for submissions: TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER

Zombies Need Brains LLC is accepting submissions to its science fiction and fantasy anthology TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER.

Stories for this anthology must be original (no reprints or previously published material), no more than 7,500 words in length, and must satisfy the theme of the anthology. TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER is to feature stories where some type of gadget or object has somehow gone temporally out of order. Preferably, the way in which the object is temporally out of order should be related to the object’s actual function. In other words, a phone may call the past or future. It should not simply transport people to the past or future (phones don’t transport objects normally, but they do make calls). Stories featuring more interesting objects or gadgets, and twists on how they are acting temporally out of order (while still being related to their normal function), will receive more attention than more common objects. Stories do NOT need to be set in the present day. They may be set in the past or future, with the time element referencing either direction or the present. So Gutenburg’s printing press could start printing out 20th century headlines, for example.

The deadline for submissions is November 30th, 2014. Pay rate will be an advance of a minimum of 5 cents per word for the short stories.

For more information, visit:


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