Winter 2014 Storycraft Online Seminar Series

These seminars focus on fiction writing, but non-fiction, poetry and script writers are welcome to attend and bring their insight into the process. All seminars run an hour and a half except the final workshop, which will go longer.

You can sign up to be a non-active participant to as many or as few of the four seminars as you wish (but not the workshop). Non-active participants can see and hear everything the teacher and active participants do but they won’t be on camera. They will be able to send written comments via Google Hangout. Each seminar costs $15 for non-active participants. There are twenty-five non-active slots available in each seminar. To take part in the workshop, where we do a full critique of each participant’s work, you have to select the package deal option.

Package Deal: You become an active (meaning on camera) participant in all four seminars plus the final workshop, where we collectively critique a ten-page piece from each member of the group. There are nine of these available. The package deal is $100.

1. Storycraft Overview: Beginnings, Middles, Endings
Sunday, December 7, 5pm

2. Context: Power, Politics and Worldbuilding
Sunday, December 14, 5pm

3. Conflict, Character, Crisis, Desire
Sunday, December 28, 5pm

4.Craft and beyond…
Sunday, January 4, 5pm

5. Workshop
Sunday, January 11, 4pm

For more information, visit:


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