Call for submissions: The Sockdolager

The Sockdolager is a quarterly internet magazine for original adventure fiction. They’re looking for: “short genre stories in which Things Happen—stories about lives saved, discoveries made, worlds changed, days seized, and hearts broken or mended. We want tight plots, snappy dialogue, and smart, engrossing prose—pieces that you can’t help but devour in one sitting, but which reward coming back for a second look. We like to be challenged and we love clever stories that make us think, but above all else it has to be fun to read. Please note well the bold typeface in the previous clause. We strongly prefer science fiction and fantasy, but will consider just about anything that you think we might enjoy.”

Stories should be at least 1000 words, and absolutely no more than 5000 words.

They will consider reprints, particularly if they didn’t receive a wide audience in their original venue, but prefer stories that have not been previously published.

Payment is 2¢ per word for new stories, and a flat $15 for reprints.

For more information, visit:


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