The Personal is Political: Telling Your Stories and Making Them Visible with Christine Morando

On February 21st from 2-5pm, join Christine Morando for “THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL: TELLING YOUR STORIES AND MAKING THEM VISIBLE” at the Hôtel Gaythering on South Beach.

Morando will help participants appreciate their own life stories and introduce them to the stories of contemporary queer writers. From a trans man with passport problems to a happily celibate 23-year-old, participants will look at multiple examples of personal stories that broaden readers’ understanding not only of what it means to be queer, but of what it means to be human. Participants are free to share their own work in a warm and accepting space. At the end of the session, Morando will discuss different possibilities for publishing work online or in print.

Materials: Participants will need a pen and paper to write on.

WHEN: Saturday, February 21st from 2 pm – 5 pm.

WHERE: The LIBRARY of Hotel Gaythering, 1409 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida, FL 33139. Street parking.

COST: *Pay what you can afford. Suggested donation: $20. Donate online by going to the Eventbrite link or in person on the day of the workshop.


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