Call for submissions: See the Elephant

See the Elephant (an online magazine of the fantastic) is seeking short fiction that operates in the borderlands between the real and unreal. You must be signed up for the mailing list in order to be considered for publication, unless you were personally invited to submit by one of the editors.

From their guidelines: “We are interested in literary and speculative fiction with a metaphysical slant, from diverse perspectives. We seek stories that live in the borderlands between the real and the unreal, and between genres. This kind of work has many names: weird, slipstream, visionary, magical realist, supernatural or various hybrids and sub-categories of literary or science fiction. We appreciate textures of darkness and light, evocative beauty and transcendental pain. We are not afraid of work that tackles social or political issues, but we like questions better than answers. We like irreverence and satire, fairy tales, symbolism and mythology. We require both entertainment and art.”

Length: 500-6000 words. Longer may be considered if it is suitable for serialization. We are interested in original work and reprints.

Pay: 6c per word for original content, max $200. 2c per word for reprints, maximum $100.

For more information, visit:


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