From the site: “The first CityWrights Conference in 2011 was an intimate experiment to gather playwrights from our South Florida backyard and around the country for a weekend of creative and professional “work and play”. City Theatre’s goal was to meet playwrights and have playwrights meet us and see the kind of work we do in our signature programming, the annual Summer Shorts Festival. Another was to bring to Miami the theatre artists, experts and industry leaders who are impacting how playwrights create work and manage business today, to inspire, educate and engage us. Finally, we wanted to make a forum for dramatists that would be creative, productive and fun, and add to the growing cultural dynamic of South Florida.

“The CityWrights Weekend is informative, substantive and surprising, and, like a good play, stuff happens: strangers become colleagues, networking makes new relationships, old friends catch up and fresh connections are made; information leads to action, prompts lead to pages, readings become productions, plays are considered for publication, business questions find answers, ideas result into projects and collaborations.

“CityWrights is about communicating, connecting, and creating, and this year’s programming is about taking up the tools of the trade and grabbing the keys to the kingdom. Please enjoy the conference and take something useful away with you, be it The Ten Minute Marketplace, a Wrighter’s Block or the New Play Exchange, an informal break out with one of the professionals, a book purchase from the publishers and editors, a short in Summer Shorts, a tip from a director, a writing exercise that results in a breakthrough or a new idea, contact with artistic directors and producers, a word of advice, a drink with new pals at the Epic pool bar, a link to a new site, a tap of a keyboard, a tweet, a blog post, a note voiced into a device.”

June 25-28, 2015

For more information, visit:


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