Being a Multi-Lingual Writer in the 21st Century

This Friday, 16 October, Visiting Professor Ana Menendez will host a lecture and workshop on Being a Multi-Lingual Writer in the 21st Century from 2-3:30pm at the University of Miami CAS Gallery at 1210 Stanford Drive.

Everyone is welcome, and please bring a notebook so you can participate in the workshop.

What does it mean to live in more than one language? How do you work as a multi-lingual writer in a discipline that has traditionally been organized along national and linguistic lines? What does writing in multiple languages add, what does it subtract? This informal workshop will help you explore your own answers to these questions through a combination of lecture, discussion and writing exercises.

Ana Menéndez is the author of four books of fiction: Adios, Happy Homeland!, The Last War, Loving Che and In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd, whose title story won a Pushcart Prize. She has worked as a journalist in the United States and abroad, lastly as a prize-winning columnist for The Miami Herald.

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