–Paid site that lets you search for publications, track submissions and see stats on response times

The Submission Grinder:
–A less attractive but more free alternative to Duotrope

Writer Beware:

SFWA Membership Requirements:
–Includes lists of qualifying venues for novels and short stories

Harlequin writing guidelines:


Turkey City Lexicon:


Seven Steps to the Perfect Story:

NaNoWriMo Blog:
NaNoWriMo Forums:
NaNoWriMo Forums – Writing 101:

The Snowflake Method:

Worldbuilding Questions:

The Art of Dramatic Writing – Premise:

Jim Butcher – Story Skeletons:

The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot:

How to write a novel in three days:

Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes:

Fun plot generator:’s NaNoWriMo prep calendar:

A map to get out of writer’s block:

Jeff VanderMeer’s Wonderbook site:

Stephen King on imagery:

The Emotion Thesauraus:

Stuff from Chuck Wendig’s blog, which is generally NSFW due to saucy language:

A massive conglomeration of random characters, premises, generators and challenges for the folks who need some inspiration:


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